Stem Cell Consumer Guide

Within The GuideYou Will Learn:

  • About the coming evolution of healthcare
  • Why traditional options yield poor outcomes
  • The basic science behind stem cell therapy
  • Common medications for pain that impair your healing
  • The numbing truth behind cortisone injections
  • The marketing sizzle (rather than science) behind other "stem cell treatments" such as amniotic, placental, umbilical cord, and adipose procedures.
  • The difference between PRP (platelet rich plasma) vs. stem cell therapy
  • What leading-edge Regenerative Medicine treatment options are now available to you in the U.S.
  • The step-by-step process of a stem cell treatment
  • How to determine if stem cell therapy is right for you
  • How to choose the right provider and practice for your treatment
  • 7 Regenerative Practice Red Flags to avoid
  • The most effective process for delivering best outcomes with your stem cell treatment
  • 28 healthy habits you can start today to jumpstart and recharge your body's ability to regenerate
  • And so much more!

More About Jonathan D. Tait, D.O.

Dr. Tait is the Founder of Rejuv Medical Southwest in Tucson, Arizona, author of The Pain Free Diet, and a sought after speaker. He is a specialist in Functional and Regenerative Medicine working daily in his practice to construct comprehensive treatment plans for patients frustrated with the complexity, confusion, and often underwhelming results of conventional methods utilized to “manage” pain.  

In his practice, he seeks to determine the root cause of disease and symptoms for each patient.  He believes the healthcare experience should be enjoyable and freeing - freeing patients from pain and sub-optimal health, so that they can live their best quality of life. With a deep understanding of their health issues, and the proper guidance, patients are given back control to care for their health, rather than being a number in a healthcare system.

He believes patients can create and control their health journey, and that they can, and should, get better with appropriate treatment.

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